Look! Here are some people who actually sew!

My Macaron dress pattern is still sitting folded up on the top of my chest of drawers. I am going to trace it this week and by the weekend I am cutting a toile. Perhaps if I commit this in writing here I will actually do it. I think I was secretly waiting until my post-baby/post-Christmas/just-stop-eating-biscuits-all day-tummy had miraculously disappeared so I could cut a smaller size. Turns out, I actually have to stop eating biscuits and/or start flinging myself around in some kind of zumba-salsa-frenzy in order for that to happen. Oh well.

In the meantime, there are lots of other people who are making dresses, creating patterns and generally being productive. Right now I am obsessing/loving/daydreaming about…

Sarai in the Colette studio

1. A Day in the Life of Sarai Mitnick of Colette Patterns on Tilly’s blog. I am nosy at the best of times, but this is fascinating to me. I am green with envy over Sarai and her fantastic work-life balance. Plus the fact that her work is sewing and patterns. Oh, and even her Friday morning breakfast meeting sounds fun. AND she fits in running and yoga and gardening. Hmmm… am I allowed to blame my children for my lack of sewing productivity?

Karen's Minoru jacket

2. Karen’s fab Minoru jacket over on Did you Make That? Karen’s blog is one of my favourites – she has lovely makes and her posts are always funny. She is another person whose productivity puts me to shame – she has made two coats in three months. Perhaps if I spent less time using Pinterest and actually making things…

Lladbybird in her Renfrew top

3. Lladybird has written a blog post all about Conquering Knits. She starts off with the phrase: ‘Knits are not scary or super difficult to work with!‘ which I love. One of the very first dresses I ever made was a wrap around dress in navy jersey. It is not going to win any awards for its beautiful finishes but it was really straightforward to pull together. The issues I have with it stem more from my techniques as a newbie seamstress rather than the fabric itself.

Zig Zag Seam

4. There is a good round-up of fancy seams on Victory Patterns. It includes my very favourite, the French seam. I could actually be sewing some French seams right now, but I’m blogging… and tweeting… and reading blogs and tweets.

Did you spot all the excuses I came up with in this post for not doing any sewing recently? Here they are if you missed ’em: I’m too tubby round the middle, I have children, I’m Pinterest crazy, I’m spending far too much time on social media on the subject of sewing, but not actually sewing.

I’ll be back soon with a posting of my very first ever handmade dresses! I made them about a year and a half ago, when I first got my sewing machine. You’ll laugh.

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