Dressaholic: Peter Pan Collars

Don’t you just love Wikipedia? I was sat here thinking about how much I love Peter Pan collar dresses… then I looked at a picture of Disney’s Peter Pan and he didn’t seem to be actually wearing a Peter Pan collar. More pointy and shirt-like. What the?!

So, off to wikipedia I went and it said that this collar is so named because of a costume worn in 1905 by someone called Maude Adams in her role as Cap’n Hook’s arch-enemy. Apparently, she co-designed the collar and it “was an immediate fashion success and was henceforth known as the Peter Pan collar.”

Good old Maude.

Anyhoo, here are some lovely Peter Pan collar-ed dresses.

From the shops…

Sing me a Song dress from Modcloth

image source: Modcloth

This one is from Modcloth and is blue velvet with a crocheted collar – nice! This shop could be seriously bad for my purse if they were based in the UK. What’s that? They ship to the UK?! Oh dear.

Jacqueline dress

image source: Topshop.com

This one is from good old Toppers, from the Annie Greenabelle concession. It’s a little bit pink.

Yumi Lace dress from USC

Image source: USC

A bit of fancy lace detail is always nice.

Collar Me Beautiful dress

Image source: Modcloth

This is another Modcloth dress – my favourite of the bunch. Sadly, no longer available. It’s more fitted than the sixties style shift dresses above, and the button-front detail is lovely.

Or make your own…

To sew up your own magnificent version of a Peter Pan collar shift dress the pattern you need is Burda 7494. Check out the one on the ‘Bernie and I’ blog – adorable.



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2 Responses to Dressaholic: Peter Pan Collars

  1. Love the peter pan trivia about the name and style origins! Thank you for the lovely compliment on my dress. 🙂
    I can’t wait to see your take on the peter pan collar dress! Will you be making one soon?

    • emmamac78

      Hi Kath! Peter Pan collar dress is on the to-do list but I have to start my Collette Macaron and Beignet first, which I have been meaning to make for ages! Hopefully starting this blog will force me into finally getting moving… I did *almost* cut the Macaron pattern out the other day but then got worried about the sizing and decided I’ll trace instead so I don’t cut the wrong one. What do you tend to do? By the way, you are my muslin hero (?!) – the fit on your clothes is amazing.

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