Scones for my inner old lady

Warning: there are gratuitous shots of scones in this post. Just be aware.

Somedays I need to channel my inner old lady and bake scones. Then, in keeping with the scone-situation, I drink my tea from a cup and saucer. You know, fancy like.

Well – there’s no point in owning all this vintage china if I can’t occasionally use it I suppose.

Scone ingredients

(This picture is in homage to the wonderful Joy the Baker)

And if you’re thinking that this all seems very civilised and tres, tres grown up you should probably know that I ran out of milk when making the tea to go with these scones… and so I used the baby’s formula milk powder instead.  Hmmm… not what they would do at the Savoy.

Three scones in a row

Anyway – these are easy scones – ten minutes in the making and ten minutes of baking. I spent most of the time rubbing the fat into the flour mixture. I normally HATE doing this part. I always try and make the food processor do this bit instead. But today I gave him a break and got my hands all messy.  It was quite nice – I looked out of the window whilst I did it and watched the neighbours washing fluttering on the line. I’m nosy that way.

There was a lot of washing out. That’s because it looked like this outside:

Sunny day

Look at how big and blue that sky looks today. I smell Spring in the air!

I actually missed a key ingredient out of the main picture at the top – the lemon juice. It sours the milk a bit to make it think its buttermilk.

Scones on a board

Anyway – here’s the recipe for these Classic Scones. Serve them with clotted cream, jam and tea (don’t be like me – use lovely proper milk, not powdered stuff stolen from babies).

By the way my husband said I should call this post ‘Scone in 60 Seconds’or ‘Scone with the Wind’. I never listen to him.


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  1. They look sooo yummy! I am a big fan of baking and bread in general, I really have to learn more!

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