I’ll start with a confession. I normally reach for a packet of Warburton’s if I’m in the mood for a crumpet. The others I’ve tried just seem to be rubbery, insipid, tasteless, joyless blobs.

I’m told that you’ll never go back to shop-bought once you try a homemade crumpet, so last weekend I had my first bash at making them.

I had been thinking about doing it for a while, but I was always put off because it turns out you need a crumpet ring to make a crumpet. This led to some delay as I trawled through crumpet ring reviews online. Oh yes, I’m nothing if not thorough in my research. I may be a saddo, but if I’m going to buy a crumpet ring it’d better be the finest darn crumpet ring known to man!

Anyway, I researched, I purchased and I waited for them to wing their way through the post. As luck would have it, on the very day they arrived, Paul Hollywood covered crumpets on his Bread programme so I followed his recipe as a starting point.


I won’t lie. I don’t think I’m going to be whipping up a batch of these every weekend. They are quite time-consuming. Well, they are if you have two small children who are screaming for breakfast at 7.30am every day. You have to make your yeast batter first, then rest it for upwards of 20 minutes, add the rest of the ingredients, then rest it again for 20 minutes. I’ll confess that the kids had long since grown bored and hungry (and had to be placated with toast) long before these crumpets were finished. So, my tip would be to get up at least an hour earlier than the rest of your family to get the mix prepared. Yeah, right. My real tip would be to either serve these as a brunch dish, or make them the night before and then toast them in the morning.

The other thing to say is that I might try another recipe next time. I wasn’t blown away by these. So, maybe with another recipe I might be more convinced they are worth making more often. Perhaps Delia can convince me?!

Some other things to note:

– Before you flip them, make sure there isn’t too much uncooked mixture on the top, otherwise they batter will spill out as you turn them and make weird shapes on the top of your crumpets. Here’s some evidence if this in action!!

Crumpets - Batch 1 & Batch 2

– I’d recommend toasting the crumpets, even if you’re eating them fresh from the pan. They taste more like proper crumpets this way.

P.S. If you’re interested, I bought the Mermaid crumpets rings and, with a liberal application of melted butter, they perform very well and there was no sticking.

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