You had me at salted caramel

I think I would eat pretty much anything that has the words ‘salted caramel’ in front of it. It’s like an addiction. This phenomenon of food has ambushed me and I am now unable to conduct my everyday life without hunting down foodstuffs with a salty/sugary combo.

I made these salted caramel brownies for Valentine’s Day, under the guise of a lovey-dovey gift for my husband. But really I just wanted to try them and it was a good excuse! He seemed to like them, and I had to physically remove them from my children as they loved them even more.

Salted Caramel Brownies

The brownies are made using Smitten Kitchen’s recipe here. It’s very helpfully got the metric and imperial measurements, which is great because I get very confused by ounces and flummoxed by how much a US stick of butter weighs.

You start the recipe by making the salted caramels, which sounds a lot harder than it actually is. Then you make your brownie batter and stud it with the caramels. The result is that they melt in the oven and you have puddles of gorgeousness that ooze from the brownie when you cut it.

Three reasons to try them:

1) they’re easy to make (one bowl brownie recipe! Yay!)

2) they’re simply delicious

3) they make you a little bit famous. Your loved ones will take photos of them and big you up all over Facebook. People you don’t know will be looking at your cake stand and commenting on your lovely baked goods! OK, I can’t guarantee this last one, but it happened to me so it might happen to you too.


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