DIY – Storage Pots

This can barely be classed as a tutorial, but I thought I’d share a good tip to make some very thrifty storage pots!

I have a lot of wallpaper samples and vintage wallpaper kicking about and was wondering about how to use it up. So, I wrapped a few empty food cans and hey presto – cute little pots for anything from tweezers to pens!

DIY storage pots

Firstly, you need to use those tin cans that have ring-pulls, as they don’t have sharp tops. However, you may want to sand down the inside edge as they are sometimes a little bit sharp. Give ’em a wash, measure and cut your paper, and then stick it down (I used a combo of sticky tape and craft glue).

And that’s it! See I told you it wasn’t a DIY. Just me messing about with bean tins.

Now you have a pretty little home for all those knick knacks.


Got any good tutorials you’ve come across? I’m a sucker for a DIY.

Have a great weekend!

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