Book haul

Father Christmas is such a cool guy. I got a haul of sewing books for Christmas that exactly matched my Amazon wishlist! How does he do it? He’s obviously up to date on all the latest technology.

I can’t wait to delve into them and start some projects. Here’s a sneaky peek…

Sewing book haul

DIY Couture by Rosie Martin / Sew Stories by Katie Allen / Sew Over It by Lisa Comfort

I’ll post more on each book soon starting with DIY Couture which has a big sticker on the front exclaiming ‘No Patterns Needed’. That’s what we like to hear!

This week I have also signed up to Miss Beatrix’s Creatives Unite. You basically sit down between 9-10pm on a Thursday and create something, then report back via twitter. I just need to pick a project for this week…

…perhaps one of the many refashions/revamps I have in mind for things I have bought at charity shops and vintage fairs?

…maybe I should go through the hundreds of things I have saved on my pinterest boards?!

…there’s those pyjama pants my husband keeps nagging me about. They could be his Valentine’s present I suppose.

…I keep meaning to make a detachable peter pan collar for myself! 

An hour is just not very long so I don’t want to over-promise and under-deliver! I wonder if replacing all the buttons on my coat would be deemed creative enough? Probably not… but it is a dire situation. You see, they have nearly all fallen off due to shoddy sewing (Yes, Gap, I’m looking at you!) and I find them in the front garden and littering the car floor. My epaulette sticks up at a ridiculous angle because there is no button there to anchor it down! That just shows you how poor the sewing on shop-bought items can be.

What are you working on this week?

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