Meet my new best friend

My family all clubbed together and bought me this wonderful thing for my birthday last year.  My husband researched overlockers (what a guy) and picked this one!


I am ashamed to say that it then sat in the corner for six months as I was frankly terrified of it.

There are four threads running in all kinds of different directions. There’s a cutting blade that chops up and down very quickly indeed. It looks scary. I had to no idea how to use it, but I think was was putting me off was the work involved in threading it. The lady on the instructional DVD uses some kind of medical grade tweezers.

Fast forward six months and this machine and I are best friends. I finally watched the instructional DVD and did what it said. It is awesome. I have already made a pair of pyjama pants, a cushion cover as a wedding gift and my Sorbetto top.

I love this thing!

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