Colette Sorbetto – complete!

I must have printed off the Colette Sorbetto pattern about a year ago. We don’t have a printer, so I nipped to my local Staples to do it. I would advise you NOT to do the same – I think it cost me about £8!! Yikes!

“Duh, doesn’t that totally defeat the object of a FREE downloadable pattern?” Erm…. yes.


I had seen some marvellous versions of the Sorbetto on Pinterest that involved sleeves and a longer hem. I think I have spoken before about my pathological fear of displaying my upper arms. I also cannot abide a top that stops at the waistline of my trousers. Nobody needs to see my midriff, believe me. I should probably just invest in some togas rather than sewing Sorbettos, but I digress. I couldn’t resist adding a cute little peter pan collar, because I have some kind of obsession with them.


Semi-interesting fact – the lace I used down the front was something my sister used to wrap my Christmas present in 2011. True story.

I have had this fabric for a very long time. I bought it at least five years ago I reckon. I seem to remember it was from the Fent Shop in Skipton. It has these funny little faces all over it. I don’t like to look at them for too long or they freak me out!


I used my new wonderous, marvellous, magnificent overlocking friend, and even managed to replace the needle and re-thread it without any major incident. It felt like I had mastered open heart surgery.

I drafted my own peter pan collar too! Whoop! And….it fit! It was neat! The top-stitching actually looks straight and professional! I sewed at a ridiculously slow speed to encourage neatness! It was all going spiffingly….

And then I got to the sleeves.

Curse you, sleeves!!!!!! They are totally bodged. They are the one element that let’s the side down. Does anyone have any top tips for sleeves? They are my evil nemesis.

Oh well, never mind. Let’s just look at that peter pan collar instead as I am quite proud of that.

Next up I am planning to tackle a Banksia or the Darling Ranges dress that I bought last year. I am trying not to buy any new patterns before I have made my way through some of the ones I already have, but forces are conspiring against me. I’m desperate to partake in Kelly Skirt Friday run by Notches & Notions!

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