Refashioning vintage

I used to visit a shop near to where I live that sold unadulterated vintage clothing. The pieces smelt fusty, had the occasional hole but  were all original. The joy to me was finding something that had obviously been handmade and giving it another lease of life.

I haven’t been to the shop in quite a while, but ventured there this weekend for a look round. It appears to have new owners and, whilst there is a selection of original vintage items, there were lots of other items that had been refashioned. Now, I don’t mind a bit of this. Vintage cuts and styles are often very different to new trends. Hems are long and necklines can be high – there is a lot of scope for altering elements like this and bringing a vintage item bang up to date. However, the refashions I saw this weekend were items that I thought would have been better off left as they were. There were vintage rock band tour t-shirts that had been incorporated into black jersey dresses. I would have bought one of the t-shirts as it was originally, but as a dress it just looked a bit cheap. Then there were things that had been slashed up and twisted. There was also some refashioned knitwear that was incredibly expensive and the finishing was just shoddy.

Suffice to say I don’t think I’ll be going back. I was a bit sad that one of my favourite vintage shops had gone this way. I’m not opposed to refashioning – I just thought it was a waste of the original when the refashion was so poor.

I love the stuff over at Traid Remade – they take second hand clothing and recycle it into new styles. There are lovely peter pan collar tops, tote bags and and amazing range of ballet pumps. Maybe it’s just that the styles of these refashions are more up my street? Or perhaps it’s because there are refashions made from men’s tweed jackets or old jumpers – things that would sit on charity shop rails rather than items you would call ‘vintage’.

What do you think? Come across any naff vintage refashions?

(The real question is – am I just getting old?!)

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